Others play, I create.


Hello, I am Julia, a single mom and I am learning 3d game development with Unity.

I love to play video games and have made it my hobby to create them myself. Right now I am still learning, but I would like to share the games I made with you.

Planet Space Escape was the first game I made and I made it last year (2017).

I am also working on a Adventure game right now.

I am using Unity3d to create my games.

I choose to create games because I have been playing video games for many years and I wanted to create one myself.




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Find me on itch.io




Following games are not my games, but made by awesome indiegamedevs


Check out Razors Edge, Indiegame and Media Coverage

Check out Fringe Planet - a survival simulator game!



Do you like Mushroom's?

Check out Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom

The Kaiju Offensive is a topdown brawler game where you fight as a giant monster and attack cities and destroy civilisation! 

Hive Quest is an indie 3rd person adventure & strategy game set in a lush.